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Improving healthcare one squeaky wheel at a time

After our long struggle with Arik’s health, it was tempting to just put it all behind us when we’d finally reached a resolution. A big part of me never wanted to think about it again. Ever. Instead, I blogged about it. My hope was that if Arik’s story could make a difference for even just one family – one other baby struggling needlessly with a tongue tie – it would all be worth it. So I slogged through my notes, journal entries, hospital letters and pictures. (And a whole lot of wine, particularly when I was going over the part about Arik’s MRI).

Once it was ready, I published it on my blog, posted it on Facebook and shared it with a few people who are working hard here in Norway to change the lack of attention tongue ties get in this country. Several people encouraged me to deliver it to the various health institutions we’d been dealing with. In all honesty, I didn’t think much would come of it, but figured it couldn’t hurt and, since it was already written, it wouldn’t be more difficult than printing out a few copies and delivering them.

Arne-Morten and I have also been contemplating filing a formal complaint. Our intention is not to get anyone in trouble (although, as those of you who read my original blog post might recall, there’s one doctor, at least, who was certainly deserving of a professional reprimand!) Rather, we wanted the doctors and other health professionals we dealt with to take tongue ties seriously. We don’t want others to go through what we did. And it’s mind-boggling to us that something so simple (and so easy to fix!) is wreaking so much havoc. We agreed that I would write out a formal complaint in English and Arne-Morten would translate it into Norwegian. I’ve been dragging my feet about it though; busy with other things and not particularly keen to relive the ordeal yet again.

So I was pretty surprised when this letter came in the mail today (note: English version at the bottom)…

Tongue Tie message

Wow. Just… wow. They’re actually taking this further!

I may have done a happy dance.